There are several criteria to define together : 

  • A budget of acquisitions
  • One or several axis of acquisition :

1/Financial investment = art as a placement

2/Impulse buy = buying art for pleasure

  • Which media to choose ? Painting, drawing, sculpture, photography
  • Which artists ? Young and emerging talents or recognized artists ?
  • Which style or artistic movement ?
  • One or several themes according to your taste and interests
  • Sizes of the art works : rather big, middle or small sizes artworks ?

We stand by your side to enlighten and advise you, considering your own vision and personal interests in art. We will help you answer all these questions by appointment and move forward in the art field.

Do not hesitate to ask for advice to use your space at his best because we have 20 years of experience in the art world and we achieved 60 exhibitions during the last 12 years.


For your project to acquire a work of art, Galerie Claire Corcia offers you the option of leasing a work of art with a 7% purchase option.

What does it consist on ? This is a financial lease with two advantages:

1 / It saves corporate tax or income tax.
Since a work of art is by nature non-depreciable, if the activity buys the work, it cannot count it as an expense and deduct it from its taxable income.
Conversely, the financial rental for the decoration and fitting out of offices can be deducted from taxable income and will thus reduce the IS or IR.
2 / At the end of the financial lease, it is possible to exercise the option to purchase 7% of the initial value of the work. Indeed, a transfer of ownership for the residual value of 7% of the work is offered to you on a private basis at the end of the rental agreement. This saves social charges and income tax on what the activity would have had to pay to have the net purchase amount of the work.
This is a tripartite contractual commitment: your activity (the tenant), the banking institution (the lessor) and the supplier.

At the end of the rental contract, the supplier buys the work from the bank and resells it to you for 7% of its initial value.

Do not hesitate to ask us for a simulation for your art acquisition project.

We are at your disposal to provide you with all the necessary explanations and help you carry out your project for the benefit of both your professional and personal entourage.

Unforgeable digital certificates of authenticity through the blockchain

Claire Corcia Gallery uses the blockchain technology to edit unforgeable digital certificates of authenticity with her partner Blockchain Certified Data -EvidenZ.

Digital certificates of authenticity impossible to forge.

Buying a work of art is often an impulse buy that reflects the desire to enjoy a work of art for oneself and share it with ones relatives or with ones collaborators during a long time.

Besides, this purchase is valued by an unforgeable digital certificate of authenticity that makes it a long term investment thanks to the blockchain.

The blockchain is a technology that guarantees the authenticity and the security of an information for a very long time. According to JP Delahaye, one can imagine the blockchain as “a big book  in which everyone can read freely, but which is impossible to erase and indestructible”.


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