Anyone can act with his time by supporting the contemporary creativity and contribute to the virtuous spiral that places art at the core of life.
Claire Corcia | March 2020

The gallery

Hi, I am Claire Corcia, director of Claire Corcia Gallery in Paris.

I founded my art gallery 12 years ago, in 2008, after 6 years of expertise with André Schoeller, expert in Contemporary art and African and Oceanic arts In Paris.

This double specialty in both Contemporary art and African arts guided and oriented my artistic choices.
Right from the beginning, I wanted to share a reflexion on the human condition. And the gallery red thread was the human comedy right from the start.

Art is the expression of the artists’ thoughts. It informs us on their very inner and intimate vision of the world, because creating is such a personal commitment that it does not lie. So it reveals us to ourselves. It leads us where we ought not to go by ourselves. It invites us to explore other territories and helps us develop a rich and fertile vision of otherness.

So art makes our brain more plastic so we become more clever.
As a conductor, I decided to open the art field to contemporary living artists, outsider artists, expressionists artists from all countries and cultures : from Africa to India, from Iran to China, from Latin America to Europe, with high graphic and colorist demands in painting, drawing, sculpture and photography, in search of emerging talent.

I invite you to enter the contemporary art history cycle by supporting the artists and following them in the exhibitions organized at Claire Corcia Gallery.


Gallery Claire Corcia
323, rue Saint-Martin
75003 PARIS
09 52 06 65 88

Subway : Arts et Métiers or Réaumur Sébastopol
Parking : Saint-Martin (100 meters)
Monday-Friday 11h30-19h / Saturday 14h-19h