New exhibition

Mohammad ARIYAEI | Iranian servants and their fantasy world

Opening Thursday February 29th 6pm to 9 pm

From February 29th to March 23rd 2024

Mohammad Hossein Ariyaei was born in 1987 in Isfahan, Iran.

He grew up with his grandmother who practiced Sufism and mysticism through writing prayers, dialogue with parallel worlds and exorcism.

She tells him many stories which will populate his imagination and will constitute the source of his inspiration.

In 2013, he began painting on the advice of a children’s book illustrator.

Self-taught, he never stopped painting.

In Iran, it is said that everybody went to the Hammam because there were no Hammams in the houses.

Many stories tell that if someone goes to the Hammam alone at night, he may see female Jinns accompanied by their maids.




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