Sergio Moscona

Born in 1979 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Sergio Moscona works and lives in Quito, Ecuador.

“My work feeds on the social facts, it is a constant game with what is happening, an interaction that moves back and forth to the same things with the sole intention of trying to get closer to a point where I can, in the closest measure possible, understand them” writes Sergio Moscona. 

“At 34 years, this Argentinean prodigy seems to be one of the rising figures of global contemporary art. Feeding on the genius of Picasso, he builds an epic of humanity, brutal and refined, tragicomic and monumental”,  Marion Kling in Artension #120.

How does Sergio Moscona question our reality of being humans? In this adversity, one against the other, confronted by the adventures of existence, how do we react?  Which questions do we ask? How does the artist embody his resentment faced with our imperfect condition of being humans? By illustrating his horrors and his obstacles as well as his philosophical insights, Sergio Moscona takes a generous and questioning look at the existence.  

“Paquito Laguna” is a composite character created by Sergio Moscona and inspired by two entities. The first one, Juanito Laguna, is a character created by the painter Antonio Berni. He depicted the daily life of slum children whose number multiplied during the mass arrival of workers who were attracted by the opportunities offered by the factories during the 1960s on the outskirts of big cities. The second source of inspiration is “Paco”, which is a cheap drug derived from cocaine. “Paquito Laguna”, the character created by Sergio Moscona, is therefore at the same time a “Juanito” and a “Paquito”, a vulnerable child suffering from the miserable social reality of his environment. 

Sergio Moscona draws the constant darkness of a period that offers a thin future to its Juanitos and Paquitos. Now that the factories are closed, the parents find themselves without work and the schools fail to reassure the children and untie their complex situations of human distress. The artist expresses his concern for the future of these children. Paquito is a victim of growing inequalities and further marginalized alienation. 

Sergio Moscona depicts with perplexity and without concession of the society in which he lives. His work is situated in the crossroads of the reality of the social and artistic chaos. He stages the works of the deaf forces, those generators of anxiety who destroy all social relationships. Indeed, the violence, the excess and the social misery compromise the survival of the subjectivity of the individuals. Sergio Moscona denounces this global reality and hopes to see a day when Paquito is free of his nightmares and can reclaim his right to dream.



At the age of ten, he started drawing and painting in Silvia Kanonich’s studio until 1995. From 1995 to 1997, he studied drawing in Beatriz Negrotto’s studio.

He discovered watercolor with Guillermo Roux during one year and attended at the same time the class of philosophy of Santiago Kovadloff until 2000.

He worked with Jorge Ludueña in his Buenos Aires studio until his death in 1999.

He entered the Buenos Aires National School of Fine Art where he obtained a double license in painting (2002) and engraving (2004).

He created with the Ecuadorian artist Isabel Espinoza the artistic collective EL KIEBRE dedicated to the promotion of cultural exchanges between Paraguay, Argentina and Ecuador.

General Police Commissioner of the exhibition “sober Manifestacion el malestar latinoamericano ” in the Metropolitan Cultural center of Quito (Ecuador) for the 25th birthday of the city as first cultural heritage of the humanity (U.N.E.S.C.O).

He studied two years lithography in Rafael Gil’s studio. First study trip in Europe.

Inside the collective EL KIEBRE he organized in Ecuador the first Biennial event of arts on non-conventional supports.

Guest of honor at the Chamalières Original engraving fair in France.

General curator of the exhibition “Lajos Szalay, the linea maestra” at the Eduardo Sivori Museum in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


2022    Galerie Claire Corcia, Paris, France

             Galerie Christine Colon, Liège, Belgique

2021    Galerie Claire Corcia, Paris, France

2020    Galerie Claire Corcia, Paris, France

2019    Galerie Claire Corcia, Paris, France

2018    Galerie Claire Corcia, Paris, France

2017    Musée Bernard Boesch, Le Pouliguen, La Baule, France

             Galerie Claire Corcia, Paris, France

2016    DDESSIN 2016, Solo show, Paris, France.

              Galerie Claire Corcia, Paris, France.

Musée Mandet, Riom, France (novembre 2015-mars 2016).
Galerie Lazarew, Bruxelles, Belgique.
Galerie Claire Corcia, Paris, France
SZALAY / MOSCONA Centro Cultural Széphárom Közösségi Tér, Budapest, Hungría

Arteblogarte, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Galerie Claire Corcia, Paris, France.
Galería de la Embajada Argentina de Paris.

Galerie Claire Corcia, Paris, France.
Galerie Georges Franck et Jean-Marie Le Fell, Paris, France.
Grand Palais, Galerie Jean-Marie Le Fell, Paris, France.
Galerie Lazarew, Bruxelles, Belgique.
Museo de artes plasticas Eduardo Sivori, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Galerie Schortgen Artworks, Luxembourg.
Galerie Modulab, Metz, France.

Galerie Claire Corcia, Paris, France.
Espace Rachi, Paris, France.
Galeria Carla Rey, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Château de Courcelles, Montigny-lès-Metz, France.

Galerie Mailletz, Paris, France.
Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Galeria Hoy en el Arte, Pinamar, Argentina.
Galerie Mailletz, Paris, France.
Puls’Art, Le Mans, France.
Gallery Kunstladen 101, Hamburg, Deuchland,
Centre culturel Valery-Larbaud, Vichy, France.

Puls’Art, Le Mans, France.
FLACSO, Quito, Ecuador.
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Centro Cultural de la Cooperacion, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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Espacio A.M.I.A., Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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Palaise de Glace, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Centro Cultural Citibank, Asuncion, Paraguay.
Galeria Gonzalez Guman, Quito, Ecuador.

Galeria Hoy en el Arte, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Museums in Argentina, Bresil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Mexico, England,
France, Italy, Equator and United States of America.


Video of “Oddities”, Sergio Moscona’s exhibition in May 2022 at Claire Corcia Gallery, Paris

In Sergio Moscona ‘s workshop, Buenos Aires, September 2014