Nicolas KENNETT was born in 1967 in Kent, Great Britain.

He currently lives and works in Paris.

From 1986 to 1988, he was assistant to the American sculptor Cyril HECK.

From 1988 to 1994, he studied at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, from which he graduated with the Congratulations of the Jury.


“Incanto” or the enchantment of shifting

“Nicolas Kennett revisits the organic world through painted and sculpted matter. He oscillates between the dull surface of oil paint on raw wood panel which captures and retains the light and the shiny, sophisticated enamel covered sculptures. He conjures up visions of transformations, incarnations, and mysterious mutations. How does the human mind revisit animals and plants? Why is he venturing down this path?

Each work is a shift, like a revelation to oneself, the embodiment of a spirituality, the materialization of a great diversity of interior journeys through the materials shaped by the hand of the artist. It is the enchantment of matter in itself : matte or shiny, harsh or smooth, intense or light, thick or barely perceptible, pasty or amply modelled, rugged or even absent … seductive or repulsive, attractive or disturbing. It also leaves a large place for emptiness, ellipses, silence … free of interpretation. What is he trying to convey?

The artist plays on the diversity of media to serve the spirit which transforms the man and orients them to deliver their essence.

What is the vital impetus that springs from this flower? What hint of humanity can be seen in the eyes of this seal?

Nicolas Kennett invites us to explore our own imagination by strewing our path with clues, to consider our own projections in the face of revisited organic forms, to let operate the magic linked to the reinterpretation of animal, plant and organic life forms to better merge with them and finally perceive ourselves as a part of the whole.

He projects our humanity onto the kingdom of the living in order to create an echo in each of us, in order to make us feel the life that exists in them and vibrate at their tempo, in order to recognize them as ourselves. It is an ode to life … to nature and its emanations, to its magical and sacred dimensions, both trivial and brutal, literal and chilling, relentless and extraordinary, source of astonishment and fascination, hoping perhaps that we will know how to protect nature, and therefore also preserve ourselves … ”   Claire Corcia, December 2021



Prix Saint-Germain-des-Prés

Prix de la Fonderie Susse

Cité internationale des Arts, Paris

Prix Renoir

Prix du Centenaire de la Biennale du Salon National des Beaux-Arts



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FRAC Ile de France

Ville d’Antony

Ville de Sceaux

Mairie de Pardies


“Incanto” or the enchantment of shifting, Nicolas Kennett at Claire Corcia Gallery, 2022