Françoise BENOMAR

Françoise Benomar is a Franco-Moroccan photographer, born in 1954.

She is a photographer, writer, art historian, art and film critic.

She has lived in Morocco since 2002.

“What photography has to say”:

I photograph so that the favorable idea of seeing the body again by diverting it from real time ceases. To make it reborn, to relive its daily nudity in another time favorable to “who veils themselves, who reveals themselves”. 

We must open our eyes in front of the nude which strips itself to push it to take postures duly constructed in body-sculptures, so that the real face remains so in this miraculous stretch of time, to bring, reveal, transcend the part of the sublime that lies dormant within us.

Creation of nudes abandoning false modesty. The important thing is to revive them between the photographic moment and the imagination, diverting bodies from their finitude of day and night in order to transcend them into narratives praising materials such as fabric combined with painting and frescoes. murals, stone, wood glorifying their deep essences.

Constructions of endless body-memories where the sensual reveals the depths of each body becoming emblematic flesh to capture eroticism in charismatic atmospheres, intoning their mixed, absorbed, divinized artistic spirit.

From then on, “Regards-corps” are created which are constantly recomposed to illustrate what the nude has to say by calling on the visual arts to reinvent the cemented flesh in materials of black, white, sepia, earth color rebuilding the flesh by taking them out of their trivialized skins in order to confront them with other futures, to free them from all the prejudices that veil them, reinventing the photographic space in poetic and baroque settings, telling tales where the bodies are bewitched, imposing themselves in the photographic frame in theatrical times. Body masks, “Body-Portraits” wrapped in all forms of narratives constructed never with the same gaze but always pointing out what must be contemplated, never rewritten in the same pictorial recomposition, the same posture.

Construction of worlds praising the sublime. Worlds of daytime and nocturnal dreams of salutary escapes, of spiritual elevations, sepia which restores the earth color like an African root, black and white which play between a blissful tragedy and what is necessary to give carnality to the infinite.


2014 – 2015 : Galerie « Photographers » Casablanca, Maroc

Depuis 2014, Exposition collective tous les six mois à la « Galerie noir et blanc » Marrakech, Maroc

2016–Exposition individuelle à la Kasbah dans le cadre du festival d’Ahwach, Ouarzazate, Maroc

2017 – Exposition photographique collective « Venise Cadre », Casablanca, Maroc

2018 – Exposition photographique collective « Venise Cadre », Casablanca, Maroc

2018 – Exposition individuelle « Cinéma le Ritz », Casablanca, Maroc

2018 – Exposition collective à l’Espace d’art muséal ATORIUM fondation GCTT, l’Oasis  « AINSI SOIT-ELLE », Casablanca, Maroc

2018 – Exposition collective « Voix off » DAK’ART à « l’Hôtel Océanic et le Terrou Bi » de six de mes photographies : série africaine, marine et portrait de vieilles du Maroc dans le cadre de l’exposition « Métamorphose », Dakar, Sénégal

2018- 2019 – Exposition « Rimes en dérives » Galerie Rokhaya, Saint-Louis, Sénégal

2019- Exposition collective « séries marines et tissus », Maam Thiouth Galerie Saint-Louis, Sénégal – et Curator exposition collective « L’œil qui voit »  avec les photographes : Françoise Benomar, (Maroc), Clovis Arnaud Nguekam Nguekam, (keulion) – (Cameroun), Arysto, Aristide Abo’o, (Gabon), Domegue  Kidjo, (Bénin) et le peintre plasticien Francklin  Nbungun

2019 – Exposition AKARNE AFRIKA Galerie bibliothèque de la Fondation de la Mosquée Hassan II

2019 – Africa now II, Galerie Claire Corcia, Paris (série « Odes en route, odes en déroutes »)

2019 – Exposition collective « Points de vue », Galerie Abla Ababou, Rabat, Maroc

2022 – Kokutan’art « Rencontres internationales de la photographie d’auteur de Brazzaville » exposition collective à L’Institut Français de Brazzaville, République du Congo

2022  – Exposition collective « Galerie La Grande Vitrine » Histoires d’Afrique, Arles, France

2023 – Commissaire d’exposition pour Le Salon des arts visuels de Kinsahasa, RDC

2023 – Exposition à la Galerie Texaf-Bilembo et à la Galerie Palanca, Kinshasa, RDC

2024 – Galerie Palanca, exposition collective, Kinsahasa, RDC

2024 – A corps d’histoires, Galerie Claire Corcia, Paris