Isabelle FLOCH

Isabelle FLOCH is a visual artist and writer.

She was born in France in 1960.

She lives and works in Paris.

“Anyway they are watching. They face you and contemplate you. You thought to catch them in the beam of your attention? they check you out. Now sight is a touch – but tender, and which does not take, which does not remove anything, which does not deprive. Touching thoughtfully.

It happens that the face is two, that it is encrusted in a head which looks in another direction or in the same one, that the eye forms a head, that the head is faienced, that it is of white marble which blurs it , or emerging from a black satin that she pushes aside, or provided with a body when it is not a brown velvet dress. Watch out: the maternal faces prowl, carrying the child or included – reminiscence of a devastation.

Woman-child, woman-statue, woman-fresco – so many serious faces that stand at a distance, unsmiling, impenetrable.


Saturnian women, waiting, coiled in a mental world, what do you ask us? what call, what languor, what distress and what power? Because you are never given to us in the foreground but always in reserve, behind these screens (veils, filters, shelters) which protect and isolate you. So many faces, so many questions. Saturnian women, what do you tell us? »

                                                                                                                                        Belinda Cannone, décembre 2022


2023 : Trouble maker’s, Galerie Claire Corcia, Paris.

2021 : Galerie Christian Croset, Nogent-sur Marne.

2021 : Galerie La Ralentie, Paris.

2008 : Paname Art Café, Paris.