Parmis Sayous

Born in 1982 in Tehran (Iran), Parmis Sayous has been living in Paris since 2015, where she dedicates herself to painting and drawing. Nourished by the Persian heritage of the mastery of colours, she cultivates an explosive gaze that uses an energetic, impulsive line. No master, no reference, just the composition and / or the decomposition of forms. If Parmis Sayous was not influenced by Western painting in Iran, it is because they did not cross the artistic borders established by the censorship of the Islamic Republic.

Her “expressionism” is different, raw, a thirst that comes from living conditions rather than from progress in the history of painting. The adventure of art is sometimes a question of practices where freedom forges meaning. “My paintings and my drawings are not really reasonable, theoretical or thoughtful. I am not a philosopher, nor do I seek to be one. Rather, I work forgetting myself, I try to escape and set off, between realism and magic, on completely unforeseen and always adventurous aesthetic paths. The main thing for me is the pleasure of working while remaining free and expressive. I use above all the forces of imagination to find the imprint of the world in me. I hope the result is disturbing. “- Parmis Sayous