Caroline Veith

The painter-engraver Caroline Veith was born in Le Havre in 1958. In 1982, she received her diploma at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d’Art (ENSAAMA). 

Participation in 2007 and 2008 at the Contemporary Art Fair, Montrouge

Edition of a Print in 2009 by the Original Engraving

Art Hebdo Media Prize in 2016 – New Realities Art Fair

Winner in 2021 of the 11th World Printmaking Triennial – Chamalières

Order of an engraving Atelier du livre d’Art et de l’Estampe for the Imprimerie Nationale. November 2021

Caroline Veith’s work takes us to the heart of a ‘mechanical universe’, inhabited by busy beings, caught in the excitement of an unpredictable world. In this urban jungle, each being is taking part in a mad race, absurd or amusing. Provided that each can exist, if possible, alone or colliding with the others? Everything is floating on the labyrinthine designs in which the artist attempts to untangle the thread of existence, armed with a thick coat of layers. It is a battle between the Great Order and the Small Disorder. Who will win?


Today, Caroline Veith has developed a genuinely unusual manner of bringing together various aspects of the world. Certain paintings, mostly in small size, portray the interactions between two or three people, and larger ones portray larger groups of people. In both cases, each person is close to the other while living in a lonely world. 

It is as if you are looking through the paper into the scene. The use of tracing paper lets the light reveal new layers that otherwise would have stayed invisible. The power of the paper is in its resistance of everything, from the passing of time to the sudden and violent human gestures. One can and one must scratch, dig, bend, twist and unfold the paper, and one must do all this in order to finally liberate the breath of life it holds in custody. The paper is the garment of dreams.  

The new method of working on tracing paper gives the works a limitless scale. Most often, there is no colour, but a network of thick, varied lines in different inks, expressing diverse functions: to form a face, indicate direction, grow a flower, carve a hand, cover a memory, draw a fragment of a map, extract a detail of a memory, drown another in darkness, raise an articulated arm, constrain a force to stay still, saturate the space, hand a weapon at the end of all hope, open a road, move a mountain, bury the pain.  

Through the game of ‘invisible’ surfaces on which the various elements that compose the work live, Caroline Veith makes her line the vector of trouble. This gives her creation a magical power.



“Wild weeds get to my head.

Kinds of floral stems began to grow, confusing my memory with botanical dreams where all the cleverest names of sometimes poisonous, carnivorous, seductive flowers intersect with their flamboyant and even slightly crazy colors…

They climb all around my studio, even embrace to the point of suffocating the frail Virginia creeper.

I have trouble breathing.

Anxiety to lose myself again in the dark meanders of a bad scenario? The earth is burning up there in the mountains. I am speechless. The Rosière torrent is dry.

Back to the workshop.

I arm myself with two large superimposed layers to fix these wild grasses forever in my memory.

But I am expected for another trip:

“Masaka, the night of the hunters”: I then etch the road on small copper plates, then print three new prints on fine Hahnemühle paper. They will become the backbone of my new exhibition.

No more weeds, but bad seed, endless sand, impossible crossings in the South Seas.

Do you know what we do in Masaka?

Green gold is made there: in the Ugandan countryside, kids are robust enough to catch the famous grasshoppers at night.

These young boys burn their eyes out to earn a living.

It is already night, a night the color of Indian ink, deep black.

I cross the Garden City with great strides.

No full moon tonight over my suburbs. »  Caroline VEITH  Cachan, September 30, 2022



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Lauréate du Prix Artistique de l’ENS de CACHAN
(Acquisition de l’œuvre par la Ville).
Exposition personnelle – Galerie MOBO, PARIS 75014.

Exposition personnelle : Galerie du Théâtre – CACHAN 94230.


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